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2014 Women's Prestige Cycling Series Info & Rules

Redlands Bicycle Classic
April 2 - 6

North Star Grand Prix
June 11 - 15

Cascade Cycling Classic
July 15 - 20

NEW IN 2014: Gateway Cup
August 28 - September 1

More info: 2014WPCS@womencyclists.com
Twitter: @WPCSeries

Key Points About the Series

The Women's Prestige Cycling Series was developed by women's teams and first held in 2004. Its primary goal is to promote women's racing by giving women a spotlight that they don't have to share with men.  Another goal is to give women's teams a focused national series that doesn't favor teams with large travel budgets.

Four Series Competitions: Best Individual, Young Rider (age 25 and under), Sprinter, and Team

Prize Money awarded to top ten Individuals, Young Riders, and Sprinters. A rider can qualify for prize money in one or more of these categories.

Travel Subsidies to teams that participate in all four races.

There is no entry fee, but teams must register and submit their rosters before they can start accumulating points.

Teams that participate in only three races will remain eligible for the Series but not for the travel subsidy.

Teams that participate in less than three races will become ineligible to complete the Series.

"Participation" means that the team has four riders at an event, but only two of them need to be on the original roster. The others can be guest riders. Guest riders won't score points for the Series, but the team will be deemed to have participated in that race.


The Series is open only to teams.  Individual riders who wish to participate in the Series should either form a team or must join one that will be participating in the Series.

Teams must register for the Series and submit their original rosters to 2014WPCS@womencyclists.com before the appropriate deadline. 

Registration and roster submission deadlines are as follows:
For teams that desire to participate in all four events: Monday, March 31.
For teams that plan to enter the Series at the North Star Grand Prix: Monday, June 9. 

Reminder: Under the new rule in 2014, teams may miss one event of the Series and remain eligible to complete it, but they would not be eligible for the travel subsidy that is provided to teams that participate in all four events. 

Rosters may include all members of the team, although riders may not appear on more than one Series roster.  These rosters must include racing ages for riders age 25 or younger, who would qualify for the Best Young Rider competition.  Contact 2014WPCS@womencyclists.com for a registration form.

Revised rosters may be submitted to 2014WPCS@womencyclists.com at any time, but scoring will be subject to the following rules.

Riders may only be included on a team’s roster if the team is shown on the rider’s license or if the rider has explicitly agreed to be included.

Team Requirements

Teams will commit to have at least four riders at three or more events in the Series.  At least two of these riders must appear on the original roster submitted by the appropriate deadline (see Registration for details). 

For example, a team of four might have only two of its own original members race on the team along with two guest riders, and that team would be deemed to have officially participated at that event. 

Teams who miss two or more Women's Prestige Cycling Series events will be eliminated from the Series.

Riders Changing Teams

Riders may transfer teams during the Series.  Riders who do so will retain their individual, Best Young Rider and Sprint Competition points.  Their team points will remain with the team on which they earned them.  The rider will not contribute any points to the new team for the Team Competition as long as their original team remains a part of the Series.

Riders who do not appear on the rosters of one of the Series teams may join a Series team during the season.  Unlike riders transferring between Series teams, the points accrued by new riders can contribute to the Team Competition.

Riders whose team is eliminated from the Series as a result of missing two or more Series events will also be eliminated from the Series.  They may return to the Series by transferring to a team that remains eligible for the Series.  Points that they may have accrued when riding for their original team will apply towards their standings in the individual, sprinter and best young rider competition, but will NOT apply towards the team competition.  However, since their original team is no longer part of the Series, points earned while racing for the new team will apply towards that team’s standings.

Roster changes are not official until they have been communicated to the Series secretary at 2014WPCS@womencyclists.com.

Eligible Riders

Only riders who appear on an original or revised roster that was submitted to Series organizers are eligible for Series points.  Although riders who are not on a roster could attend Series events, they will not be eligible for Series points.

Riders may only receive points when they are riding for an eligible team and are listed on that team’s roster.  Should a rider participate in a Series event while not on an eligible team or not on that team’s roster, they will receive no points at that event.

Team standings will be recalculated for the entire Series after the fourth and final event, the Gateway Cup.  In addition to the foregoing rules, a rider can only contribute to the team’s recalculated standings if either (a) that team appeared on the rider’s racing license at the Series events to be included in the calculation or (b) the rider has participated as a member of that team in at least two Series events.

Scoring and Jerseys

The Series will include four competitions: Individual, Best Young Rider, Sprinter and Team:

Individual:  Points will be awarded for all Series race finishes using the same points table used for GC at a Non-UCI Multi-Day NRC event in 2014.  Series standing will be determined by the sum of the points earned at each event.

Sprint Competition:  For those events that include sprint competitions, the final standing will be determined after each event and Series points will be awarded according to the Non-UCI Multi-Day NRC points table. Series standing will be determined by the sum of the points earned at each event.

(Note: Individual and sprint standings from each component event are likely to include both riders who are eligible and ineligible for the Series.  Ineligible riders will not be removed from the standings prior to the assignment of points.  Points that correspond to positions held by ineligible riders will not be assigned.)

Best Young Rider:  The finish positions of riders of racing age 25 or under (U26) who are eligible for the Series will be determined after each event. For stage races, “finish position” refers to the General Classification.  For the Gateway Cup, the final omnium standings will be used.  Eligible U26 will be ranked in a separate list and points will be awarded according to the Non-UCI Multi-Day NRC points table.  Series standing will be determined by the sum of the points earned at each event.

Team Competition:  The team standings will be determined by adding the points earned at each event by the top four team members who are eligible for the team competition (see Registration, Riders Changing Teams and Eligible Riders, above) at that event. If an eligible U26 rider is one of the top four eligible riders for their team, their points will be doubled.  If an eligible U26 rider is not one of the top four riders for their team, their points will be added to the team total. Series standing will be determined by the sum of the points earned at each event. 

Tie Breakers:  The sum of the results from each Series event will be determined and the individual or team with the highest total will be the leader.  If the individuals or teams remain tied, the tie will be broken using the placings in the most recent Series event.  If teams remain tied, the tie will be broken by the placings of the top rider for each tied team in the most recent Series event.

Protests:  Scoring sheets will be sent to team managers after each Series event.  Team managers (but not riders) may submit written protests within 24 hours of receiving the scoring sheets.  Only Series scoring errors may be protested.  Protests related to the results of a Series event must be resolved by that event and are not subject to review by the Series organizers.

Podiumwear leader’s jerseys will be awarded for the Individual and Best Young Rider after each event. A sprint leader’s jersey will also be awarded after each event that included sprint competition.  Leader’s jersey must be worn in the following Series event.

The Series leader’s jerseys must be worn in Series events.  In stage races, race leaders’ jerseys will take precedence over the Series leader’s jerseys.    If the leader in one of the Series competitions is obliged to wear an event’s leader’s jersey, the best placed rider in that Series competition who has no obligation to wear an event jersey will wear the Series jersey.  Riders who fail to wear a Series leader’s jersey when required to do so will receive no Series points from that event and their team will receive no points from that rider’s performance at that event.


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